How to Choose Proper Infrared Detector Resolution?

When choosing infrared products, the first thing you should consider is the resolution. So, how to select a proper one?

It depends on the actual needs and applications of your products, and the price is also a factor that needs to be considered.
If the image quality is not high, you can choose the infrared detector with low resolution, such as 120x90, 256x192, 400x300. If you need a very clear image for some special purposes, such as remote monitoring, you can choose a high resolution infrared detector of 1280x1024.

Global Sensor Technology provides various type of resolutions for you. Ranging from 120x90 to 1280x1024. We provide uncooled vox microbolometer detectors and cooled MCT & T2SL detectors, cooled & uncooled thermal imaging modules for various applications such as Thermography, Security & Monitoring, UAV Payloads, Firefighting & Rescue, Petrochemical etc.


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