256x192 Thermal Imaging Solutions by GST

When thermal imaging cameras were first developed, they were anything but cheap. Its expensive price makes a lot of people hard to reach. While over the efforts of several generations, it has undergone tremendous changes not only in size, weight, performance but also the price.
As time passed, thermal imaging cameras became smaller, and more widely available, but still remained a little expensive among the general consumers. Cost control is becoming the primary goal of infrared thermal cameras now.
The cost effective thermal cores has become the first choice to reduce costs. As its price continues to fall, thermal imaging technology is becoming more and more popular, while its performance never compromise. Low cost thermal module is the key to solve the cost problem of complete machine developers.
Global Sensor Technology (GST) specifically provides cost effective 256x192 thermal imaging solutions for OEM customers to conduct secondary development.


The wafer level packaging infrared detector GST212W (256×192/12μm) is self-developed and produced by Global Sensor Technology which is the first to achieve volume production with larger scale, higher output and lower cost in China. And the 256x192 thermal imaging module series is developed on this basis.

1. Miniature TIMO256 Thermal Module for Fast Integration

With ultra mini structure, the TIMO256 thermal module is easy to be integrated into all kinds of portable intelligent terminals with strict requirements on size, weight and performance, which is best choice for OEM customers to reduce their cost and short secondary development cycle.

Tiny Structure
Its ultra-tiny structure ensures a more mini size of complete machine
Easy Integration
Equivalent as visible light module for easy integration
Support DVP image interface that is compatible with a full range of embedded platforms
Fast Development
Provide complete SDK development kit for faster secondary development

2. Cost Effective iLC212 Thermal Core for Emerging Applications

The iLC212 thermal imaging module is specially developed for the emerging security application. Its cost control accelerates the popularization of thermal imaging technology in the 24/7 all-weather emerging security industries, such as Smart Building, Smart Breeding, Home Care etc.

Optimal SWaP-C     
Reduced cost: self-developed WLP 256×192/12μm infrared detector with high annual output
Miniature size: 21mm×21mm×12.8mm (with 3.2mm Lens)
Light weight: 8.9g±0.5g (with 3.2mm Lens)
Intelligent & Precise  
Various advanced image processing algorithm: NUC, 3DNR, DNS, DRC                                  
Non-contact temperature measurement with -20℃~150℃ and remarkable accuracy of ±3℃ or ±3%
Easy Integration     
Provide Windows/Linux SDK for fast integration
Various interfaces: 30pin-HRS/RS232-TTL/USB2.0/GPIO
Digital video output: RAW/YUV/BT656
3. Radiometric LC260 Thermal Module for Epidemic Prevention

LC260 fever screening thermal module adopts the 256x192/12μm microbolometer infrared detector and is widely used in applications like Intelligent Security and Smart Office. The target customers are mainly intelligent terminal suppliers such as face recognition equipment manufacturers or OEM/ODM manufacturers. Compared with 160×120 resolution, the target temperature collection point is doubled with wider measuring range and faster, more accurate temperature measurement, so that the fever target can be measured immediately in an area with a lot of people.

Fever Screening
Non-contact accurate temperature measurement with 0.5~2.5 meters distance
More efficient in places with large volumes of people
Fast Integration
Built-in mounting hole for quick integration 
USB interface with SDK for more simple secondary development
Due to fast integration and low cost advantages, the 256x192 infrared modules and cores can be integrated into security monitoring equipment, handheld or pocket temperature measurement device, mobile phone plug-in, epidemic prevention face recognition machine, wearable helmet or glasses and other equipment that have strict requirements on SWaP.

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