Introducing GST Linear Cryocooler

High-end thermal imaging applications are inseparable from cooled infrared detectors. Cryocooler is the core for the normal operation of cooled infrared detectors. 
Now, the LS734 Linear Stirling Cooler, which is dedicated to improving the performance and battery life of cooled infrared detectors, is released by Global Sensor Technology (GST). Let’s see what high lights it has.

Fast Cool-Down
The cooling time is the most direct indicator to assess the cooling rate of cryo cooler. With cooling capacity exceeds 1300mW, the LS734 cooler is several times that of the traditional rotary stirling cooler.

Stable Operation
The main vibration of the infrared whole system comes from the cryocooler. Adopting the technical solution of opposed piston and leaf spring support, LS734 cryocooler could effectively reduce its own vibration and noise.

Flexible Structure
How to better achieve structural integration in confined spaces? With its compressor and dewar are connected by a deformable connecting pipe, the LS734 cryocooler can be flexibly arranged in a limited space, and its structure is integrated without resistance.

Long Battery Life
Long battery life and reliable operation are main factors to measure the quality of a cryocooler. The LS734 cryocooler has a wide operating temperature range and excellent reliability. Its MTTF (Mean Time Between Failures) has reached to 20,000 hours, which meets 24*7 boot operation requirements.

Strong Versatility
Until now, Global Sensor Technology has developed a variety of IDDCAs (Integrated Detector Dewar Refrigerator Assemblies) based on the LS734 Linear Stirling Cryocooler, which provide excellent versatility and more choices for integrated applications.

Except for the newly released linear stirling cryocooler this time, Global Sensor Technology also has also provides various traditional low-temperature cryocoolers and realized mass production, such as rotary integral stirling cryocoolers and rotary split stirling cryocoolers. 

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