Brand New: COIN417G2 Uncooled Thermal Module

Global Sensor technology (GST) once launched one COIN417 thermal module with an ultra-compact structure that is nearly the size of a one-dollar coin.

Now, here comes a new generation: the COIN417G2 Uncooled Thermal Module.
Not only is the structure updated, but also the upgrades of all-round performance.

More Simplified Design

The GST COIN417G2 infrared core uses the latest version of TEC-less GST417W wafer level infrared detector.
By emphasizing functionality, scientific nature and convenience as the center and purpose of design rather than appearance, the new version pays more attention to the performance. The body reduces stacked part with its overall structure more concise.  

Lower Power Consumption

By using the WLP infrared detector and orienting for fully optimized SWaP, the typical power consumption of COIN417G2 has reduced by 50%, from 1.4W to 0.7W, while its performance is not compromised.

Optimized Image Performance

The infrared core performance has been further improved with upgraded ASCI chip. Besides, its image performance increases 30% by using advanced image processing algorithm.

Faster Start-up Time

Its super-fast start up time greatly reduces from 10s to 3.5s without waiting for long time.

More Reliable Protection Level

Guarantee IP67 protection level and pass the ESD test: contact discharge±4KV, air discharge±8KV.


Various Lenses Available

There are three types of lenses for COIN417G2 Thermal Module: fixed athermal 9.1㎜/13㎜/19㎜ lenses for different observation distance.

Temperature measurement range (support customization and expansion): -20℃~+150℃, 100~550℃.
COIN417G2 thermal module could meet the requirements of remote temperature measurement. It can be integrated into all kinds of thermal cameras.


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