PLUG1212 Thermal Module with 30mm-180mm Zoom Lens

Recent years, with the development of uncooled thermal imaging technology, infrared camera has been widely used in the civil fields, such as security, firefighting, power, construction and other industries. Among them, the rapid growth of thermal imaging application is mainly from the expanding market application in the field of security monitoring. 

Thermal imaging monitoring system is based on the thermal camera module as the main hardware system. It uses infrared/visible light composite imaging, video image processing and auto recognition behavior analysis alarm and other related software to combine with the monitoring mode.
Since the thermal imaging is very effective in harsh environments like rain, snow, heavy fog, poor/no-light condition etc. and also meets the needs of long-range wide-angle target searching at night, many complex situations all-weather monitoring system can be found in the application of infrared thermal imaging technology and products. Thermal imaging technology plays a very important role in the security monitoring due to its great demands in some special scenarios.
When it comes to infrared security surveillance, we often think of cooled thermal imaging due to its ultra-long range and superior thermal sensitivity. When the budget is limited, you can have alternative solutions. Uncooled thermal imaging could provide an ideal solution which is a more cost effective option.
Released by Global Sensor Technology, the high definition PLUG1212 uncooled thermal module integrates a 30mm-180mm zoom lens and 1280x1024 uncooled LWIR infrared detector which ensure adjustable detection distance and high-resolution imaging. This thermal imaging module which can be integrated into large security systems, such as security cameras, payloads, infrared panoramic system, etc.. 

Mega Pixel, High Definition
Do you want clear infrared images from the surveillance system?
The PLUG1212 thermal camera core with 30mm-180mm zoom lens uses the self-developed GST1212M infrared sensor. With large array 1280×1024 resolution, professional hardware platform and advanced image algorithm, this high definition thermal imaging module guarantees wider FOV and more image details.
Its inside core infrared detector, that is the vanadium oxide microbolometer with metal packaging, has very stable performance in harsh outdoor environments, such as storm, rain, snow, dust etc.

Adjustable Lens, Efficient Detection

Most of the thermal cores are equipped with fixed focal lenses which have fixed detection range and are applicable to limited scenes. The field of view of 30mm-180mm zoom lens covers ranges from 4.9°×3.9° to 28.7°×23.1°, and its detection range varies according to the demand, with farthest distance exceeding 7000 meters.

Fast Integration, More Scenarios

With industry standard interface (HDMI+RS232) and a variety of video modes output, the high resolution PLUG1212 thermal imaging module with the 30mm-180mm zoom lens could ensure a wide detection range and can be quickly integrated into all kinds of security system.

As an advanced version of the PLUG series thermal module by Global Sensor Technology, the PLUG1212 thermal core with 30mm-180mm zoom lens is a new attempt to provide uncooled thermal imaging solutions for high-end infrared system.  

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