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In the past 20 years, with the rapid development of uncooled infrared detector technology, the technical level and quality of related products have been greatly improved. The cost and reliability of uncooled infrared detectors are becoming more and more important. While the level of packaging technology is an important factor that affects the cost and reliability of uncooled infrared detectors.
Uncooled infrared detectors are currently divided into metal packaging, ceramic packaging, and wafer-level packaging. Metal packaging is the earliest and the best among the three main packaging forms; wafer-level packaging is suitable for mass production; and the ceramic packaging is more favored by the dedicated market for civilian products.

Ceramic packaging is currently the most popular packaging technology on the market. The size, weight and power consumption of the detector can be significantly reduced.
Recently, Global Sensor Technology (GST) releases two ceramic packaging uncooled infrared detectors: GST412C & GST612C. So, why are GST412C & GST612C infrared detectors?

Detector Performance
The 400×300 and 640×512 resolution with 12μm pixel size are currently widely used in the mainstream applications in the infrared market.

Optimal SWaP-C
Mini size: 18.5mm×18.5mm×3.8mm
Light weight: 4.5g
Low power consumption: as low as 80mW
Its compact structure meets more strict integration requirements on size, weight and power consumption.

Mature Technology
Under the same resistivity conditions, the vanadium oxide thin film has better TCR, higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, and better measurement temperature stability. 

High Sensitivity
The infrared detector presents clearer, sharper and more detailed image with typical NETD<40mk. 
Based on these two infrared detectors, the TWIN series thermal modules (TWIN412 & TWIN612) are developed.
With enhanced image algorithms and temperature measurement function, the TWIN series thermal module presents more stable images and accurate temperature.

Outstanding Performance
With temperature measurement range of -20℃~150℃/0~550℃(Customizable), accuracy of ±2℃ or ±2% and frame rate up to 30Hz, the thermal module guarantees smooth thermal image and accurate  temperature measurement.
The TWIN series thermal module has the advantages of compact design, light weight structure and power consumption as low as 0.8w.

More Emerging Applications
This new product release will give more choices for customers from various industries such as Industrial Automation, Intelligent Security, Unmanned Platform, Robot, Intelligent Hardware, Advanced Driver Assistant System, Firefighting etc.

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