Introducing GAS330G2 Cooled Thermal Module

Global Sensor Technology (GST) has announced a new generation of GAS330G2 cooled thermal module with 320×256 resolution and 30µm pixel size for detecting invisible gas leaks in the petrochemical industry. Let’s see what new features have been upgraded.


When detecting leaks for methane, hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), there are often risks that the leaking gas will be ignited by sparks or high temperatures of the device itself.

The danger of gas explosion in the petrochemical industries is devastating, especially when there is the loss of human life. Reducing potential hazards caused by gas leaks has been a top priority.

GAS330 G2 cooled thermal imaging module adopts new integrated circuit components to reduce the working voltage from 24V to 12V. With low voltage and current input, stable and clear gas image can be presented.

GAS330 G2 has obtained the explosion-proof certificate (Ex ic IIC T4 GC) issued by the Industry Standards Association, which means that it can be used safely in explosive gas environments other than coal mine gas. The detection is more sensitive and the detection is more assured!

Enhanced Performance

In order to further enhance the inspector's perception of low gas concentration and slow gas flow rate, GAS330G2 cooled thermal module utilizes gas enhancement image algorithm to effectively detect the gas leak.

The newly added temperature measurement function with range of -20℃~400℃supports point and regional temperature analysis, high temperature alarm, hot spot tracking and other temperature algorithms. The leak point can be obtained in real time and remotely in a non-contact manner, so that the leak area temperature can be visually detected.

Fast Integration

Various InterfacesEquipped with Cameralink, DVP, LAN, and USB3.0 interfaces, GAS330G2 cooled thermal imaging module provides a variety of digital video modes to facilitate personalized integration and meet the customized needs of different industries.

Optional Lenses: 23mm/55mm lenses are available to match flexible applications; you'll find optical system configuration solutions for both long-range and close-up observation.

Multiple Choices: the GAS330G2 cooled thermal camera core is equipped with corresponding infrared detector,AD module and other types for gas leak detection, fully satisfying the urgent desire of users at all levels to develop OGI cameras based on optical gas imaging technology.

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